The company

Welcome to RCPT-Group

RCPT-Group represents an internationally operated family business for the distribution of automotive workshop technology and electric bikes. All core businesses are managed from the headquarters in Paternion, Austria. Another branch office is located in Gunzenhausen, Germany. Besides that, the company is supported by an additional 35 distribution partners whose network spans all across Europe. With this strategy, RCPT-Group with its three brands RP-TOOLS, ATLANIS and SLOOT-Sports, is represented throughout the European continent.

The high quality of most of our main 2-post lifts, wheel balancers and tire changers is verified by the TÜV quality seal, which was awarded to them by TÜV Austria after thourough inspection by independent auditors.

Different lines of business – established industry standards

For more than a decade RCPT-Group has successfully operated in the international market with its three brands. Two of the three brands are focused on the development and distribution of products from the automotive workshop industry. The main brand is called RP-TOOLS. Its high-quality tools and machines are aimed at industry experts whose demands in the labor-intensive everyday life are correspondingly high. ATLANIS, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective product range that is primarily suitable for amateur mechanics.  SLOOT markets high-quality electric bikes at a unique price-performance ratio. Initially active only in Austria, the core business was expanded and optimized over time to almost all European countries.

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From a two-man company to Europe-wide expansion

RCPT-Group was founded by the two current chief executive officers Christian Riegger and Thomas Pichler. Both of them were always interested in the car workshop scene right from the start, but they often could not find the right equipment of suitable quality. This circumstance gave the two CEOs the incentive to work on their own improvements and to create the first two brands RP-TOOLS and ATLANIS as a result. The development of SLOOT e-bikes started about ten years later. Continued adoptions of the e-bike transition trend in recent years made the two CEOs curious and eventually led to the production of the first SLOOT e-bike models.

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The company was first established as RP Handels und Service GmbH in 2006 in Austria and later bundled together with CT Real GmbH under the umbrella company RP Immobilien und Beteiligungs GmbH. All business activites in Germany are operated by RP Handels und Service Deutschland GmbH, which also belongs to RP Immobilien und Beteiligungs GmbH.

Pioneers of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Together with our employees, we ensure that we – regardless of where and  which projects we work on – always meet every social norm and all expectations. We trust in fair competition and encourage it to further develop and improve our products. We treat every person with the right amount of respect and dignity regardless of their gender, nationality and origin. Each and every one of our employees follows this Code of Conduct and ensures that the integrity of RCPT-Group is maintained. Together with its multi-faceted staff, RCPT-Group offers solutions for a wide range of customer requirements throughout Europe. The cooperation of many people with different experiences, trainings and backgrounds in teams – characterized by diversity – creates an extended horizon and motivates all stakeholders behind RCPT-Group in their daily work. We are committed to a qualitative and fair treatment of our employees, giving each individual the freedom to develop. In order to contribute to an environment with a high quality of life, RCPT-Group is actively involved in initiatives to reduce emissions. This includes, for example, the installation of a solar system at its main site in Paternion, Austria, which successfully saves more than 5.6 tons of CO2 per year. For this achievement, RCPT-Group has received an award from the Austrian Ministry of Life.

Not only meet expectations, but exceed them

No journey is to long for us to increase the satisfaction of our customers. For our special services, we have received the service brands “Leitbetrieb Österreich” and “Leitbetrieb Deutschland”, which are only given to companies that offer excellent services at a high level. The service brands confirm the quality of our service as a unique selling proposition, which sets us apart from other competitors. As a customer, you will always be in the center of our attention.

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All products of our three brands RP-TOOLS, ATLANIS and SLOOT-Sports undergo intensive quality controls to minimize the risk of possible defects and damages. With the help of carefully conducted enrollment, ongoing reviews, extensive documentation and detailed instructions,  RCPT-Group ensures smooth operation even after purchasing a product. In the rare case that a performance still does not meet the expectations, we are of course willing to find a suitable solution together with our customers.